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Instructional Area Cost Analysis Report, 2015-16
Instructional Area Cost Analysis Report, 2014-15
Instructional Area Cost Analysis Report, 2013-14
Instructional Area Cost Analysis Report, 2012-13
Instructional Area Cost Analysis Report, 2011-12
Instructional Area Cost Analysis Report, 2010-11
Instructional Area Cost Analysis Report, 2009-10
Analysis of REA0001 Grades and CPT Scores by Campus, Dec. 2009
Student Success: Exiting College Preparatory Reading, Oct. 2009
Absence Study Analysis of the First day of class attendance, August 2009
Remedial Enrollment Activity of Bright Futures Scholarship Recipients, Feb. 2009
Validating the Accuracy of the Student Success Rate, Oct. 2007
Preparing for our Future, June 2006
Emergent External Trends or Events Identified in College Planning, March 2005



FYI 2012-01: Lower Division Accountability
FYI 2011-06: Top Producers of Associate Degrees
FYI 2011-04: Full Time & Part Time Enrollment Patterns
FYI 2011-03: Course Withdrawals
FYI 2011-02: Student Financial Aid
FYI 2011-01: Charter & Collegiate Schools
FYI 2010-05: Market Penetration-Percentage of Population Served by Florida's Colleges
FYI 2010-04: College Placement Testing Results for High School Students, August 2010
Zoom 2011-05: A Key Education & Workforce Training Source
Zoom 2011-04: College Readiness Among FTIC Students
Zoom 2011-03: Florida Colleges' Performance Tops on SREB Key Student Indicators
Zoom 2011-02: Benefits of Educational Attainment in Florida
Zoom 2011-01: The Florida College System: Student Enrollment Trends
Zoom 2010-04: Characteristics of Students Who Leave the FCS Without Completing a Degree
Zoom 2010-03: Florida's Postsecondary Education Readiness Test
Zoom 2010-02: Florida Continues as Leader Among SREB States
Zoom 2010-01: A Review of the Florida College Dual Enrollment Program
Zoom 2009-03: Dual Enrollment Participation
Zoom 2009-02: Florida Colleges Continue to Rank High Among Southern States
Zoom 2009-01: Statewide Articulation Agreement: Effective and Comprehensive
Zoom 2008-02: Access and Success: Traversing the Academic Pipeline
Zoom 2008-01: High School Students Who Take Acceleration Mechanisms Perform Better in SUS Than Those Who Take None

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