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This is the College biennial planning process as approved by the President's Cabinet.

Biennial Planning Process

Biennial Planning Process Flowchart

This is the official strategic planning document of the college. It contains the approved biennial strategic planning process, strategic plan, and a snapshot of the extent to which it has been implemented. Includes all HCC IE plans and the yearly progress reports for the last several biennia.

2017-19 Strategic Plan (Mission, Vision, Goals and Strategic Initiatives)

Institutional Effectiveness Plans & Progress Reports


EMSI Report: Economic Contribution of Hillsborough Community College.

Economic Impact Reports: March 2013

Economic Impact Reports: April 2010 

Environmental scanning analyses to support the planning process.

Environmental Scanning

The annual report used in assessing college performance.

Critical Success Factors
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

*KPIs were introduced in Fall 2017 as an abbreviated version of the Critical Success Factors (CSF). All previous versions of CSF can be found within the link above.

Includes the data that HCC submits to IPEDS.

IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

Includes the data that HCC reports to the state regarding HCC performance on State Accountability Measures.

State Accountability Measures

The Tactical Planning System (a.k.a. Action Plans) supports the achievement of the strategic plan.

Tutorial on How To Navigate the Tactical Planning System

Tactical Planning System

Tutorial on How to Navigate the Faculty Goal Planning System

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