Breathe-Free, HCC

No butts about it.

Message from Dr. Atwater



In its continual effort to promote the health and well-being of the Hillsborough Community College Community, the college will become tobacco-free on January 1, 2013. The transition will begin in July 1, 2012 with an education campaign. HCC is committed to promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle, not only for its students, employees and visitors, but for the greater community as well. A tobacco-free policy underscores HCC’s long-standing commitment to health, wellness, social responsibility, the environment, and sustainability.

The policy covers cigarettes and tobacco products of any kind and applies to all members of the college community, including students, faculty, staff, tenants, as well as visitors to all college facilities. After reflection on the body of research on the effects of tobacco use and associated workplace wellness initiatives, I strongly believe that the college will be a more vibrant learning and working environment as a result of becoming tobacco-free. We will also be joining a growing number of colleges, universities, hospitals, and workplaces that recognize the public health and benefits of becoming a tobacco-free institution.

HCC places a high priority on providing a living and learning environment that is safe and healthy. This includes creating an environment that promotes individual health and provides the resources necessary to make healthy choices. The college respects the rights of all persons wishing to use a legal product, however, persons wishing to use tobacco products must do so off-campus. For students, faculty and staff members that seek to use this policy as an opportunity to quit the use of tobacco products, the college will provide smoking cessation resources to those seeking assistance. For additional information, resources, and news, visit

I encourage the college community support a healthier HCC. Let’s work together and Breathe-Free, HCC!