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Policies & Enforcement

Administrative Procedure & HCC Tobacco Free Policy

Hillsborough Community College (HCC) is dedicated to providing a healthy and productive environment for its faculty, staff, students, visitors, and contractors.  Research findings show that use of tobacco products constitutes a significant health hazard; tobacco smoke is a proven health and safety hazard both to smokers and to non-smokers who are involuntarily exposed to the second hand smoke.  By endorsing this tobacco-free policy, HCC joins more than 700 colleges and universities around the country that have gone 100% smoke-free to demonstrate its commitment to eliminating environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure, promoting healthy practices and choices for individuals, and establishing a collegiate culture of wellness.  

Tobacco-use is prohibited on all Hillsborough Community College properties, including owned and leased buildings, student housing, outdoor areas, parking lots and garages, courtyards, entrance and exit ways, and college vehicles. This policy includes all types of tobacco and tobacco-like products, including smoked and smoke-less tobacco, other smokeable products, and electronic cigarettes.


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From U.S. Colleges and Universities with Smokefree and Tobacco-Free Policies


Administrative Rules

Hillsborough Community College is moving forward to being tobacco-free beginning on January 1, 2013.  Over the past several months, a committee has been working on revisions to HCC’s smoking policy and on establishing a program for implementing a tobacco-free HCC community.

In conjunction, Administrative Rule 6HX-10-2.08, Smoking, has been amended.  The College Attorney’s Office is coordinating the advertisement of the revised Administrative Rule for comments.  Please note that the effective date for this rule once approved by the HCC Board of Trustees will be January 1, 2013.

Included below are the existing rule and the revised rule for your review.

Existing Rule          Revised Rule

As background, Administrative Rules establish policy and align with requirements set out in the Florida Statutes and Florida State Board of Education Rules, while the HCC Administrative Procedures implement HCC rules and establish procedural guidelines.Prior to submission of an Administrative Rule to the Board for advertisement, the College community has an opportunity to review and comment on new and amended rules. 

Please forward any recommended changes and/or comments to the College Attorney by August 16, 2012. These comments will be shared with the committee overseeing this project.

This amended rule is scheduled to be included on the August Board agenda for advertisement. 

  • FUSA members should submit their recommendations to their FUSA representative.
  • SEIU members should submit their recommendations to their SEIU representative.
  • All non-union college employees should submit their recommendations to their supervisor.