Hawk Card Frequently Asked Questions

 How much does the Hawk Card cost?
There is NO CHARGE for your first Hawk Card.  If your Hawk Card is lost,stolen or damaged you may be subject to a replacement fee.  Please see the replacement card page on this site for details. 

Do I use the Hawk Card for Library services? 
The Hawk Card is your new library card and replaces any prior HCC ID card.  It is no longer necessary to go to the Library to activate your card.  It is activated for Library use upon receipt.    

Do I keep my BankMobile Card? 
Yes, please retain your BankMobile card as you will continue to receive your student financial refunds on this card.

Do I need to activate my Hawk Card?  

  • There is no requirement to activate the Hawk Card. 
  • It serves as your photo ID and your library card.
  • If you are a Hawks Landing resident, it provides access to the vehicle and pedestrian gates and to the Town Hall.
    Campus Faculty/Staff parking lots and the Noriega parking garage at Ybor City are accessed using the Hawk Card.

Do I need to have funds in my Hawk Card account to make copies or printers in the labs?
Yes, the HCC Library copiers and Computer Lab printers are on a Pay-4-Print program.  Card readers are located at the machines and utilize the Hawk Card account balances to pay for your prints/copies.

Hawk Card Reminders:  

  • Keep your card in your possession and in a safe place (wallet/purse), just as you would a credit card. 
  • Do not punch holes in the card as it could disable the functionality of the card.
  • Never give or loan your card to anyone.  Unauthorized use is your responsibility.