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To receive text messages, please enter one mobile phone number and select your wireless carrier. You can also receive e-mail messages sent to the e-mail address of your choice.  And you may also receive voice alerts sent to your mobile phone number as well as two additional phone lines (landlines and/or mobile phones).

IMPORTANT: By clicking the Continue button below and opting in to this program, I understand that I may receive periodic test messages for this emergency messaging system. I understand that I am responsible for all text messaging charges that my wireless service carrier may apply. I understand that I am responsible for updating or unsubscribing from this service. I further understand that I may be unsubscribed if records show that I am no longer a student or employee of Hillsborough Community College.

This is a free service provided by Hillsborough Community College. It is a SPAM-free application your personal information will be kept private and not shared. Please check your cell phone plan for any additional charges to receive text messages. You may Unsubscribe or Change Message Preferences anytime by clicking on the link below.
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