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Tai Chi 2

Each semester, Honors Institute students have many opportunities to have meaningful, full college lives. From clubs to educational lectures to social events, each activity is designed to build leadership, to encourage personal and academic growth, and to develop the spirit of teamwork within the Honors Institute.

The following are ways you can get involved in the Honors Institute:

Honors Ambassadors are veterans of the Honors Institute. Honors Ambassadors are selected each year to promote the Honors Institute to the community and to welcome new students to the Institute. Honors Ambassadors help recruit at college nights in the local high schools, contact new Honors Institute students to welcome them, assist in the planning and implementation of Honors orientations, and act as liaisons between the Honors student body and the Honors staff. Meet your 2018-2019 Officers and Board Members.

Arete is dedicated to fostering educational opportunities and a spirit of community service within the Honors Institute student body. Each semester, Arete hosts events such as a general membership meeting each month, socials, movie nights and Honors Symposia. Monthly community service projects, such as Adopt-a-Road and volunteering at the Lowry Park Zoo and McDonald Training Center, are student driven. All Honors Institute students are members of Arete. Member meetings are held monthly during Big Friday and other events are listed on the schedule of optional activities. 

International Trip
Can you imagine traveling with your classmates on an overnight train from Hanoi to Supa where you'll meet indiginous peoples from that region? What about hiking through the Amazon in Peru? Perhaps dancing traditional folk dances in Russia? Through the years, many Honors Institute students, alumni, and professors have experienced these activities and many more during the annual International Trip. From Ecuador to Greece, from France to Hungary, there is no limit to where you may travel in the Honors Institute.

Partners in the Parks
Partners in the Parks (PITP) is an experiential learning program, sponsored by Southern Utah University and Cedar Breaks National Monument in partnership with the National Collegiate Honors Council. PITP explores the history and value of the U.S. National Park Service during a comprehensive week of camping, exploration, and multi-faceted education within one of the national parks. Seminars led by university faculty and park personnel include historical, scientific, cultural, and other important areas unique to a given park. Participants may study art, architecture, engineering, ecology, geology, anthropology, astronomy, or public policy; practice nature writing, journaling, meditating, or cooking; develop leadership and communication skills; learn to appreciate differing points of view and politely challenge others' perspectives. Projects also take advantage of the exciting recreational opportunities in the parks to broaden the participants’ understanding of the overall value of the national parks to our country and its citizens.

Learn more about Partners In The Parks and check out the proposed project sites at http://www.partnersintheparks.org/.

 Partners in the Parks - Everglades 

12-15 Ever 


Ropes Course
All Honors Institute students are encouraged to participate in our annual Ropes Course team-building experience. Held at the beginning of the fall semester, the Ropes Course is a great way to make new friends, challenge yourself to new heights, and learn to work as a team with your fellow Honors Institute students. This activity is open to all Honors Institute students.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal martial art that is practiced today by over 200 million people around the world primarily for relaxation, stress relief, and health benefits. Tai Chi involves slow, gentle, and stately movements which are taught as part of a form. Learning Tai Chi provides a wonderful tool for handling the stresses of college, work, and the 21st Century world. Our Tai Chi class introduces the first section of the long form of Yang style Tai Chi, the most popular style of Tai Chi practiced today.

A limited number of students each semester will have the opportunity to participate in this extra-curricular class, taught by Honors Institute professor Dr. John Ball. New and returning students are welcome; returning students each semester continue to progress through the 103 movements of the long form while honing their techniques. Availability for this class is on a first come, first served basis.