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Transforming Leaders: Key Elements to a Successful Leadership Course

Students newly admitted into the Honors Institute at Hillsborough Community College are required to take an Honors Leadership course. There are a number of benefits to having this requirement in an honors program.

Hillsborough Community College has developed a course that not only serves the students in the Honors Institute, but has introduced innovative components to the traditional classroom. As is so often the case, the smaller class size and the creative environment of the Honors classroom serves as incubator to transformational teaching and learning that can be translated into general pedagogy.

One example of this innovation is the service learning requirement in the HCC Honors Leadership course.  Students in a class of fifteen are divided into three groups, and are instructed to identify and address a community need. The students develop the project and complete it by the end of the term. Leadership strengths are exercised and teams develop organically as students plan, orchestrate, evaluate and report on their projects.            

Feel free to explore this presentation site. Here you will find a Sample Syllabus, a Template for a Syllabus, a List of Favorite Links and Resources, and Pick and Choose Leadership Activities. This is only a small sampling of resources available for developing a rigorous Honors leadership course.

You are invited to contact the Honors instructors listed below with any questions you might have concerning the HCC Honors Leadership Course.

Kathleen King, M.S.

Academic Advisor, HCC Honors Institute

Leadership and Education Adjunct Instructor




Dustin Lemke, M.A.

Leadership and Communication Instructor




Sarrah Conn

Leadership and Sociology Instructor