inlab@HCC Interdisciplinary Institute

Through innovative college-wide initiatives, inlab@HCC promotes various interdisciplinary programs, events, and opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and the community to collaborate. Programs include, but are not limited to:

Interdisciplinary workshops for faculty to team teach and bring together students across multiple academic areas of study to engage in active learning workshops.

Pitch events for students to showcase their innovative ideas that solve real-world problems

The Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program is an opportunity for faculty from any academic discipline to go through an entrepreneurial mindset training program and then serve as an EIR within their academic area on their campus. EIR’s will help nurture students from within their academic disciplines to develop innovative ideas, and to work across the college to tap into the many inlab@ HCC resources.

Course development. The HCC entrepreneurship program offers a course called ENT 2612 – Creativity, Innovation and Human-Centered Design. This course will lead students through major phases of the creative problem-solving process and methods of human-centered - design thinking. Students will learn the basic skills for creative problem solving, innovation, and user-centered design. Students will identify and evaluate problems and opportunities; they will sketch, create, develop, test, and select the best prototyping options for a new product or service. This course appeals to, and is targeted to students across all academic disciplines to come together in one class and develop creative innovations. The course focuses on divergent thinking, and critical problem finding, and problem-solving skills that are critically important to employers today. This course is one example of a course with an interdisciplinary focus. The Interdisciplinary Institute at the inlab@ HCC will work with any faculty member interested in designing another interdisciplinary course that advances collaboration and innovation.

The Idea Lab. The Idea Lab at inlab@HCC is designed to bring together faculty, staff, and students to co-create innovative activities, solutions for problems on and off-campus, a knowledge exchange for challenging conventional teaching methods, while exploring and testing new ideas in education, and connecting faculty at HCC with innovators across the globe.