The Center for Entrepreneurship at HCC offers a broad, set of experiential and applied programs and initiatives that are designed to provide students with 21st century business skills.

  1. Build new bridges of opportunity between HCC, it's students, and the local, national, and global entrepreneurship ecosystem. Entrepreneurship is a team sport, and collaboration, serendipity, and mentoring are all key factors that contribute to entrepreneurial success.
  2. Provide a stepladder academic framework. Students pursuing our college credit programs have a choice of enrolling in:
  1. Active development of an entrepreneurial mindset.  Many people incorrectly think that entrepreneurship is only about starting businesses. A big part of entrepreneurship involves developing a mindset, or way of thinking. Even if you elect not to start a business, development of an entrepreneurial mindset, will provide you with an opportunity to cultivate critical skills that employers are looking for (i.e. innovative problem identification and problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration). In essence, studying entrepreneurship will provide you with a 21st century education.
  2. Provide military Veterans with unique programs. A recent study conducted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) found that Veterans are at least 45 percent more likely non-Veterans to be self-employed. Through our credit programs (see above), and non-credit Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Training Program, the Center for Entrepreneurship provides military Veterans with exceptional opportunities to develop businesses. Coming Soon! Operation Startup, a new ideation and incubation lab for military Veterans and social entrepreneurs to work on their businesses, and gain access to the resources they need.

The curriculum involves rapid learning through active scientific experimentation (hypothesis testing) of a business idea. Our students spend a great deal of time in the field meeting with potential customers, competitors, suppliers etc. in order to validate or invalidate the core assumptions that startup entrepreneurial ventures all possess. Engagement of the community is vital to this program.  Our community partners bring the element of the "real world" directly to the student.  Our partners also serve a critical role as an inspiration to our students, showing them what is possible while serving as mentors.


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