inlab@ HCC is the centralized hub for all things related to innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and social venturing offered at Hillsborough Community College (HCC).  inlab@ HCC offers a broad collection of academic and co-curricular programs, that include, experiential and applied interdisciplinary college credit certificate and degree programs, mentoring services for entrepreneurs, workshops, internships, research projects, sustainability programs, funding opportunities, and other initiatives.  inlab@ HCC  is designed to provide students with 21st century skills, based upon creativity, lifelong learning, and designing, developing, launching, and growing h​igh impact ideas that transform the world.  We accomplish this through our five IMPACT core pillars: Innovate, Mindset, Purpose, Action, Community, and Transformation.


Through innovative and applied academic programs, students can immerse themselves in learning about innovation by engaging in innovative classes, activities, and projects. Students, along with faculty work across academic disciplines to create a highly creative environment that sparks innovative ideas, while at the same time promoting cross discipline literacy.


All programs offered through inlab@ HCC promote the development of a divergent thinking, and a creative and innovative mindset. This is accomplished through learning about an entrepreneurial way of thinking, effectuation, design thinking, and research. inlab@ HCC also serves as a research lab for exploring, testing, researching, and promoting entrepreneurial and innovative ideas. Conducting research allows students to develop an inquisitive mindset, and the critical importance of always asking the question why? In the research lab, students across all academic disciplines work together along with faculty and community partners to engage in, and co-create research projects that hopefully lead to publication in inlab@ HCC’s own innovation journal called IMPACT.


inlab@ HCC focuses strongly on developing a new way of thinking through development of more purposeful learning and development of a social entrepreneurial mindset. Most people care deeply about the world around them, and are excited to work on developing innovative ideas that contribute toward making the world a better place. Much of social venturing is centered around a strong sense of purpose that ignites creative and innovative solutions to myriad societal, economic, and environmental challenges, If you are a student, faculty member, HCC staff, or a community member that is passionate about promoting positive and purposeful change to our community, and the world around us, inlab@ HCC  provides the support and infrastructure to develop impactful and innovative solutions to some of the largest problems we face. We believe that collaborative innovation is the fuel that leads to the co-creation of creative and purposeful solutions.


Everyone has imaginative ideas, but in many cases are unwilling to act on those ideas, due to a lack of confidence, or fear of facing ridicule. We believe that creativity is a form of applied imagination. Imagination alone is worth little without a willingness to take action and try to implement your imaginative ideas. Through our academic programs, workshops, and other co-curricular activities, students develop what David Kelley, Founder of Ideo calls creative confidence. As Kelley puts it, “Creative confidence is about believing in your ability to create change in the world around you.” Through our academic and co-curricular programs, students develop a strong creative confidence, and as such are better positioned to take action on their ideas. This is important on many fronts. Even if you have no desire to start a business, developing creative confidence, and an ability to take action positions you in far more competitive light among 21st century employers.


The word community is at the center of our colleges name, and at the epicenter of our entrepreneurial and innovation programs. The old saying that “it takes a village” is the spirit that fuels the community pillar. HCC has developed very strong relationships in Tampa Bay and across the United States to provide our students with a success network of engaged community partners.
These partners are eager to assist our students through,
     a) mentorship,
     b) educational and inspirational speaking engagements,
     c) internship opportunities,
     d) connecting our students into their own networks. 

These partnerships allow us to bridge our students and college with caring and experienced innovators throughout our region and beyond.


The mission of HCC is to empower students to achieve their educational goals and become contributing members of the local community and a global society. inlab@ HCC, across all its programs, is designed to transform and empower students to have a meaningful impact on the world. This mission, which is powered by students and fueled by creativity aligns strongly with that of HCC.

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