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inlab@ HCC provides an academic pathway for students to study entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurship education is like a 21st century Business Administration Degree that appeals to students with varying academic interests. The curriculum involves rapid applied and experiential learning through active scientific experimentation (hypothesis testing) of a innovative ideas.

Some students enter our program who already have businesses, other students enter our academic programs with just an idea. Our students spend a great deal of time in the field meeting with potential customers, competitors, suppliers etc. to validate or invalidate the core assumptions that startup entrepreneurial ventures all possess. Students learn to develop an logic based on effectuation, which empowers students to take action by starting with what they have, who they know, and what they know. Engagement of the community is vital to this program.  

Our community partners bring the element of the "real world" directly to the student.  Our partners also serve a critical role as an inspiration to our students, showing them what is possible while serving as mentors.



Students pursuing our college credit programs have a choice of enrolling in:


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Whether you desire to be a business owner or not, the skills learned through the inlab@ HCC entrepreneurship program, coupled with the development of an entrepreneurial mindset will assist in your ability to add value to employers, overcome challenges in life, and promote a greater sense of perseverance, and grit.

Courses include:

ENT 1000 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENT 1031 – Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales

ENT 1411 – Small Business Accounting and Finance

ENT 1012 – Entrepreneurial Management

SBM 2000 – Small Business Management

ENT 2612 – Creativity, Innovation and Human Centered Design


AS Degree – Business Administration Entrepreneurship Option

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AA Degree – Entrepreneurship Transfer Track

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation
12 Credit CCC

Open for Business

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Business Development and Entrepreneurship
25 Credit CCC

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Vet Program

Through a grant from Veterans Florida, HCC is the only community college participant in Florida that is part of a statewide network made up of universities.
These network partners each recruit and deliver a robust non-credit entrepreneurship training program for Veterans.

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