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Bibliography compiled by Lori Silverman
Faculty, Mathematics
Foothill College (CA)
Correspond with the author at Realms - Coping
With Math Anxiety.  Extensive article describes the causes of
mathematics phobia and provides advice on overcoming it. Learn the
difference between math and calculation.  Southwest Texas State
University - Math Anxiety.   School's counseling center presents this
article on facing down math phobia. Read myths about learning
mathematics and tips on classes and tests. Professor Freedman's Math Help.  A mixture of
sound, humor, color, animation, and graphics with lots of help for the
"math anxious" student --tutorial lessons and study skills tips.  Math Anxiety.  Read about
Help for Math Anxiety, Math Phobic's Nightmare, Math Study Skills
Inventory, How Math is Different from Other Subjects, Suggestions for
Studying Math, Tips for Success in Math Class, and  More Help for Math
Anxiety.  Math Anxiety.  Math Matters’
goal is to prevent math anxiety. The site includes Learning Styles and
Multiple Intelligences, Using Multimedia Improves Learning & the Brain Math
Anxiety.   Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to
algebra, geometry and beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone
can find solutions to their math problems instantly.  The Causes and
Prevention of Math Anxiety.  A great article by noted author Marilyn
Curtain-Phillips on the causes and prevention of math anxiety.  OVERCOMING MATH ANXIETY
WHAT IS MATH ANXIETY? "Math anxiety is an uneasy feeling accompanied by
thoughts or fears that keep you from doing your best when working at
math."  Le Moyne
College Academics | Academic Support | Math Anxiety.  Math Anxiety WHAT
IS MATH ANXIETY? “Math anxiety is a learned emotional response to one or
more of the following: participating in a math class, listening to a
lecture, working through problems, or discussing mathematics.” Explores
Anxiety Relief.  Student Affairs Update Volume 22, Number 2, University
of Florida University Counseling Center.  More about Math Anxiety.
More about Math Anxiety Using print, video, and tutorial resources
available in the Math Tutoring Center, you can begin to identify and
acknowledge your fears (e.g., "I'm scared I'm going to fail.").  Replace
negative self-talk with more realistic self-talk)
Help for math anxiety.  Math Anxiety Do you get apprehensive
whenever you see numbers? Have you been avoiding taking a math class in
college and now you have to? Do you have a fear of doing your math
homework?  Here’s what to do about it.  Reduce Math Anxiety.  Here are
several ways you can reduce your math anxiety at IPFW.)  Math
anxiety techniques for children. Here are some math anxiety techniques
for children to insure that they don't grow up fearing numbers.