The following are comments from former students on what they wish someone had told them when they started college. Read and learn.

"Professors do not give grades, students earn grades. Do not cram. Try not to take a math class with any class that requires 600 words of writing or term papers. Take all math calsses back to back! Get a tutoring card from the tutoring center, just in case you fall behind. Get a graphing calcultor and learn how to use it. Order of operations will always work, so learn it early; Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. Try to review your notes immediately after class, highlight the concepts you need help with learning. Try to study in the same place every day, preferably a place that simulates a classroom environment. Do homework before you go over it in class. Make notes to yourself next to each problem that troubles you. If you spend too much timeon math that it begins to look like a big blur, plut it away and start fresh the next day. Work and rework a problem you have trouble with , not until tyou get the right answer, but until you understand the concept. Your class time is yours, along with your classmates, so if you have a question, ASK IT!"
- Dawn Faiello

"Do not reghister for a class of you are not able or willing to give it your all. If you sign up for a class just to do it or to get it out of the way and you are not committed to doing your best, then you are going to hurt yourself. There is no rule that says you must finish college in less than five years, do it right. Even if you work well under pressure, the work you complete at the last moment is never as good as it would have been if you had time to do it right."
- John Johnson

"A mistake I made upon entering Valencia was that I thought I could do it all 'on my own' and that I didn't need suggestions from a counselor or other studetns. I have since found out that had I sought guidance, I may have saved myself some time and money. Please take one of the Student Life Skills (Student Success) courses taht are offered, this year."
- Lisa A. Rees

"Do not be afraid to withdraw from a class, if there is no way to pass. Getting a tutor, forming study groups, and visiting your professor are easy ways to pass this time, not the next time."
- Glen Lancaster

"The teacher is an invalauable resource of information. Ask the rtacher for helpful pointers on the book and it's uses. The IMC (Bldg. 4) has videotapes, free tutoring from professors, computer software, and sample materials to help to learn mathematics. Tutors are great, but should not be used just to get answers and hand assignments in on time. Like a body builder, one must personally engage in exercising their mind and it's calculating ability to the limit of endurance."
- Brian Briddell

"Try to get a time table as to where you want to be each semester, prior to graduation. Therefore, you know how far behind you get if you drop a class. Get the course you really don't like, or don't think you might do well in out of the way early. Accept input from other students before registering for classes. Prioritize your work schedule with school and try to stay away from 7 A.M. classes. Self-paced classes require lots of self-discipline, so be aware."
- Ybeth Bruzial

"Try to find a job that will help you do better in school, i.e. close to home, flexible hours, brainless. Get a catalog from the college or university you wish to transfer to afeter Valencia. This will help you better select classes that will transfer. Fill out all Financial Aild paperwork at least half a semester before you start school to beat the stampede. Never, never, ever take a mini-mester class, unless you really good reason for doing so."
- Roger Terwilliger

"Valencia is a great place to start, the faculty and campus are very student friendly. You have made a wise choice, good luck."
- Jeff Eaker

"Practicing the fundamentals is an important way to study algebra. After Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra and College Algebra come much easier."
- Moery Nicholson

"Save the courses which you will enjoy for last. It will take an immense amount of stress away from you in your college career."
- Christina Benedict

"Stay on top of your work. Never get behind and review nightly. Talk to a prospective instructor before you register for his or her class. Get a copy of anold syllabus and find out about the teacher's expectations, grading policies, and teaching style, before you start class. Look for extra credit."
- Robin Miller