Hillsborough Community College delivers teaching and learning opportunities that empower students to achieve their educational goals and become contributing members of the local community and a global society.


Hillsborough Community College will excel in proactively responding to the evolving educational needs of our students, staff, workforce, and community through assessment and continuous improvement.


Student Success
HCC values the complete development of students in pursuit of their academic, personal, social, professional and career goals.

Community Service
HCC values its responsibility to anticipate and respond to community need.

Diversity and Inclusion
HCC values diversity and cultural awareness in promoting the inclusion of all its members within a global society.

HCC values the sustainable use of its environmental, social, and operational resources including the integration of sustainable concepts in the curriculum and its service to the community.

HCC values integrity by having honest and open relationships with its constituencies and between each other within the college.

HCC values continual improvement and innovation leading to measurable advancements in institutional success.

HCC values fiscal transparency, personal and professional accountability, and customer service.

Professional Development
HCC values the continued development of faculty and staff knowledge and skills.