The Mission of Academic Technology at Hillsborough Community College is to assist faculty in integrating technology in all aspects of academic life. We seek to promote and support the use of technology in teaching and learning through faculty leadership, vision, collaboration, and inquiry into the effective uses of technology. The department’s two most visible initiatives are Distance Learning and 21st Century Classrooms. However, the Department of Academic Technology provides broad-based services related to instructional technologies such as:

  • Serves as a resource to faculty who need help envisioning how technology can help them with teaching, learning, and research.
  • Provides faculty with Instructional Design assistance in developing both on-ground and Distance Learning courses.
  • Researches new and emerging technologies and makes them available for experimentation and creative development.
  • Serves the technical needs of the college by providing workshops, training, and production support.
  • Manages and Distance Learning course offerings that use a blend of technology including videoconferencing, streaming video, and web-based courseware.
  • Provides assistance to faculty integrating information technology into the curricula so faculty can continue to meet course objectives in new and exciting ways.