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What is the difference between Datatel, Wintegrate, and UI?
There is no difference.

Colleague is the software HCC purchased from DATATEL. It is commonly referred to all 3 names which are actually GUI's (GOOEYS). A GUI is a Graphical User Interface, and easy-to-use frontend to Colleague.

The Colleage Administrative software resides on the HP UNIX server, it is
the Central Processing Unit (CPU) for all of HCC's major applications (Payroll, Financial Services, Human Services and Financial Aid).

To print from Datatel - your assigned "network" printer requires installation
on your PC.

Screen Printing from Datatel

The PN application
is used for screen prints or using the copy/paste function for pasting an
image of the screen into Microsoft Word.

To screen print from Datatel using a network printer, YOU MUST sign on to the
LAN (e.g. your username and password when booting up your pc).


COLD Directory
COLD - Computer Output to Laser Disk.

Location Directory of Pre-SCT and ISIS Transcripts, Student schedules, faculty loads, employee snaphots, Community Service Transcripts(03), AR-40 reports and 3rd party, Holds report, and Fee Codes: LENT, NSF1, NSF3.