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VP, Info Technology

Steve Gorham

Director Administrative Systems

Eileen L. Harrow

Staff Assistant, Sr.Yolanda Collins

Name: Yolanda Collins

Job Title: Senior Staff Assistant

OIT Role: My responsibility as the OIT Senior Staff Assistant is to provide administrative support for the IT Vice President, Director of Administrative Systems, Director of Network and Telecommunications and staff.  These duties include budgetary, human resource, accounting, travel provisions, calendar maintenance and various other miscellaneous office functions.

Meaning of OIT: The primary purpose of the Office of Information Technology, in my viewpoint, is to partner with the administration, faculty, staff, and students of HCC to support them by using our knowledge and expertise to create automated, efficient, and self service business processes that maximize utilization of our institution’s administrative and network systems and academic environment.  Thereby enabling our user community access to various functions for improved efficiency and increased levels of service and support for everyone.

If there was one thing that you wish people knew about you, what would it to be? (Be creative!)

By the time I retire, I will probably have the longest history as an HCC employee ever.



Applications Engineer James T. Stribling


Name: Jim Stribling 

Job Title: Applications Engineer

Primary Role: Current primary role is to support HCC’s State Reporting responsibilities

Meaning of OIT: The function of OIT is to provide the Programming and Technological Knowledge, Expertise, Support, and Leadership needed to enable the College to succeed in Its Mission Goals


Applications Engineer Richard M. Savage 

Name: Rick Savage

Job Title: Applications Engineer

OIT Role: I work with the student email system, state reporting, and deregistration.  OIT has been my life’s work.

Mgr, Applications Yvonne Miller

Mgr, Applications Sarah L. Norton

Mgr, Applications Kathleen Zaucha

Mgr, Applications Catherine RussellSuri

Mgr, Applications Margaret P. Shaw

Server Systems Engineer Darin Walters

Server Systems Engineer Bruce Kreutzer

Mgr, Database James M. Matyas

Mgr, Web Services TBA Web Services

Curriculum Designer TBA

Operations Specialist Valentin Benitez

Name :Valentin V. Benitez

Job Title : Operations Specialist

What is your role for OIT?: I am responsible for creating computer security access level to  all HCC employees, all Campus Cruiser issues and Higher One Card access.

What does OIT mean to you?:  It is the pillar of the entire operations in any establishment and provides valuable information to everyone.

If there was one thing that you wish people knew about you, what would it be? (Be creative!)“I am very proud of the services that I render  to the Florida  school system and  be a part of the process that molds our youth to become productive citizens of the country.  This is indeed a very rewarding experience for me.I have been in this field for 22 years, dating back to several OIT jobs in New York City.   I received the UNIX certification from  New York University  in 1999 and has B.S. in Marketing from the Phillipines.

Director of Network and Telecommunications (Vacant)

Network Security and Integration Engineer/Server Systems Engineer Adrian D. McCray


Name:  Adrian McCray

Job Title:  Network Security and Integration Engineer/Server Systems Engineer

What Does IT Security mean to me:  Often the term IT Security is related to protection against viruses and SPAM.  However, I believe that IT Security is centered on the protection of a person’s most prized possession, their information.  Programs aren’t as important as a person’s data as they can be reinstalled.  Data, however, is the direct result of a person’s time.  If it took a person eight hours to create a document, it would take them eight hours to recreate it if they lost it.  To me, I live by the motto that if Data = Time and Time = Money, then Data=Money.

One thing that I wish people knew about me:  I am actively involved in mentoring youth and young adults.


Network Security Team:

Alice Scott

Roy Johnson

Name:  Roy Johnson

Job Title:  Network Security/Server Systems EngineerMy

Role in OIT:  I am responsible for all Anti-Virus issues College wide.  There are thousands of viruses, and their variants all over the internet.  You can get a virus easily by browsing to a well known websites (such as www.disney.com).  It is my job to try and prevent this from happening, but when it does I have to first protect the Network, and then cleanup the infected computer.  That may sound simple, but when your Network has between 3,500 and 4,000 computers you can get a little busy.  I am also responsible for identifying and eliminating email SPAM and Phishing attempts.  This is dangerous because of the possibility of “Identity Theft” that goes along with these attacks.  During these attacks, the criminals ask for lots of vital information, and they normally ask for birthdays, social security numbers, and credit card numbers to purchase phony materials or fake anti-virus programs, and passwords to email accounts or even bank accounts.  The email message or virus programs looks very official and they may say that the IT department of HCC request this information, but we have not.  We would never ask for this information, because we really do not need it.  If we did, there are more secure ways to obtain it.  So, if you receive any email of this type, please report it to us and we will take care of it.   

What Does IT Security mean to me:  To me IT Security means the safety of a Network, and its resources.  We have to use different security devices, policies, and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to network resources, or the alteration/destruction of those resources, or data.  Now with all that said, it means that we need Security on the boundaries, in the middle, and in the center of our Network.  We need security for applications (such as email), and for all physical and virtual servers and workstations within the network.  Some ways we provide this security is with the use of firewalls, spam filters, Anti-Virus for all servers and workstations regardless of the operating systems they are using.  This is what Network Security means to me in a nutshell. One thing that I wish people knew about me:  I served 22 years in the United States Air Force, and I retired January 2001, as a Master Sergeant.

Chet Singleton


Name: Chet Singleton

Job Title: Network/Server Engineer

What is your role for OIT: Manages and secure multiple servers in an enterprise environment. Manage server’s identity, system information, and identify problems with server configuration. View and make changes to server roles and features. Perform management tasks associated with operational life cycle of servers. Determine server status, identify critical events, analyze and troubleshoot configuration issues or failures. Securely manages Active Directory information about users, computers, and directory-enable application such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL server. Manage a network storage system to meet the growing and diverse needs of the College’s storage requirements.

What does OIT mean to you: Provides support to the academic, instructional, and administrators of the College to enhance teaching, learning, and research. Set forth standards for responsible and acceptable use of College information technology resources. These resources include computer systems, phone systems, computer labs, classrooms, application, network, software, and files.


Server Team:

Marc Costanzo

Campus Techs:

Info Technology Tech James W. Back

Info Technology Tech John P. Del Castillo

Name: John Del Castillo

Job Title: Information Technology Technician

OIT Role: IT Support / Brandon CampusOIT means to me: Information Technology is ever changing and improving our way of life. Being involved in this field has been rewarding and educational.Something About Me: I have been a DJ (Dee-Jay) since I was 16 years old, working at parties, weddings, skating rinks, night clubs, and even performing on radio. I remember when I used records, cassettes, then CDs, and now it’s digital media (audio and video). Music has always been a passion to me and now that my children are in their teens they have as much interest in music as I do. It’s amazing how you see yourself in your children…

Info Technology Tech Jeffrey P. Fisher 

Info Technology Tech Shonda L. Hayes 

Info Technology Tech Joanne L. Joseph

Name: Joanne Joseph

Job Title: IT Technician

OIT Role: Desktop/Telecom Support

OIT means to me: OIT means keeping the campuses and the users on those campuses connected. OIT employees are like the overlords of information! We Rock!

Something About Me: I wish people knew that I talk to myself quite frequently and I answer myself. I really feel like I possess some great problem solving skills and I dispense good advice. So if I hear something said to me, by me, I typically trust it as valuable information! Oh Yeah and I LOVE my job, and my employer, and my department!!!

Info Technology Tech Michael M. McGee 

Info Technology Tech Edward J. Ryan 

Info Technology Tech David J. Thompson 

Matt Coppola

Name: Matt Coppola

Job Title: Network Engineer

OIT Role: I am responsible for all data communications for the entire college. Simply put I make sure that all network devices (PC’s, printers, phones, servers, and other nodes) have a reliable means of communication across all campuses. I also am responsible for providing College wide internet access for faculty, staff and students.

OIT means to me: It is my belief that the goal of OIT is to provide advanced technology that will increase productivity for the administrative aspects of the college, and to enhance the learning experience for students giving them technological advantages to aid in their learning experience.

Something about me: My interests outside of Information Technology are fishing, baseball, and spending time with my family.

Network Team:

Blaine Miller

Darroll Eveland