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Upon conclusion of the IT retreat on October 1, 2010, it was agreed that 10 identified challenges would be consolidated into four core areas and a plan to address these challenges was developed.

The buttons below represent the four core areas. Click on them to view an overview of the area, IT projects associated with the area, and their completion status. Each core area has a Project Management Team Lead and each project has a Work Team Lead. To see a listing of the leads click here.

The identified projects are not intended to be exhaustive. If anyone has a project that they would like considered for the Action Plan, please send it via email to ITSDAP@hccfl.edu

To support this plan, the college contracted with an outside vendor to analyze our internal processes.  The results from their exhaustive study can be found in this CampusWorks report

By combining the talents, perspectives and experiences of people throughout the college community, these challenges can be overcome and the solutions implemented can benefit the entire HCC family. ‘Thank you’
to all who have chosen to take on added duties and responsibilities. Your commitment has put us on the road
to success.


Governance   Datatel   Training, Communication & Responsiveness


Standardization, Policies & Procedures   Other Projects   Completed Projects