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1.       PURPOSE

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for user mailbox sizes on the Hillsborough Community College network.


2.       SCOPE

In order to maintain the integrity of the Hillsborough Community College mail server and keep mailbox transfer time in the event of an emergency down, enforcement of mailbox size is required for all users. Users who exceed the set mailbox size will be given an automatic warning, followed by suspension of the ability to send email, and culminating in the suspension of both send and receive privileges until the size of the mailbox is reduced.


3.       POLICY

Recognizing that some positions require more mailbox space, the following tiered system shall be in effect, subject to periodic review:


User Classification

Mailbox Size Thresholds



Prohibit Send

Prohibit Send and Receive

College Administrators

4,000 MB

4,500 MB

5,000 MB

Staff (Full-Time)

1,600 MB

1,800 MB

2,000 MB

Staff (Part-Time)

800 MB

900 MB

1,000 MB

Faculty (Full-Time)

1,600 MB

1,800 MB

2,000 MB

Faculty (Adjunct)

800 MB

900 MB

1,000 MB


By default, a mailbox limit will be set the prescribed limit as annotated above. Unit Administrators must designate supervisory and management staff and any others who require larger mailboxes due to the volume or attachment size of incoming mail required for their position, e.g. business office staff who receive large spreadsheets from outside sources, public relations staff and graphics staff who receive mail with heavy graphics, etc.


Every employee is responsible for managing their mailbox size by clearing deleted items folders, deleting sent mail, archiving messages no longer required in the active mailbox store and saving large attachments off the mail server and deleting the message or removing the attachment once saved. Personal use of the System's mail server should be kept to a minimum to preserve mailbox space.


If too many mailboxes chronically remain near their set limit and we become in danger of exceeding the mail store size allowed by our Exchange license and or physical storage, then the stated limits for all users will need to be adjusted lower.







Initial policy draft.

McCray, Adrian


Official Policy designation

Gorham, Stephen