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1.       PURPOSE

The computer and networking resources are the property of Hillsborough Community College. The purpose of this policy is to facilitate prompt network account creation, deletion, and modification while maintaining the integrity of the data and network.


2.       SCOPE

Every faculty, staff, and administrator is allocated and an account to access network resources. This account is for the exclusive use of the user who is assigned the account and password. Lending of an account to another person is not permitted, and is considered to be a violation of College policy and may result in disciplinary action.


People Eligible for Network and email accounts

Full-time Faculty

Full-time Staff

Adjunct Faculty

Part-time Staff

Temporary Faculty

Temporary Staff

Contract Employees


3.       POLICY

3.1.     General Guidelines

In order to access the network, email, Hawknet, HCCAdvisor, Hawknet 365, Colleague (Datatel), and wireless, all employees must have a network and email account. Usernames are generated by Datatel when an employee is entered into the system. It is the responsibility of an employee’s dean or supervisor to request that the network account is activated and an email account is created. Requests for Network and Email accounts are located in Public Folders, Office of Information Technology, User Request Forms. Requests for network and email accounts must be completed by an employee’s dean, supervisor, or their official designee. The form must be filled out and emailed from an HCC email account, as an attachment, to Network Security (networksecurity@hccfl.edu) and to Datatel Security (datatelsecurity@hccfl.edu) if requesting access to Datatel Resources. Submission of this document will only be accepted in electronic format. Paper forms will not be accepted.


To access the network and email, each person must logon with their account. Faculty and staff will have network and email accounts in the Family Domain. Generic accounts are not permitted. Users must not give anyone their password or logon to allow another user to access the network.


Requests for accounts must be submitted to Network Security/Datatel Security by email only, using the Request to Add form. Please make sure to use the form currently in the Public Folder, since the form is occasionally updated. In order to be processed, the form must include the User’s Full Legal Name, the 7-digit HRPER ID, Department Name, Job Title, Work Phone, Office (Campus, Building, and Room), Employee type (Full-time, part-time, temporary, contractor), End Date – if temporary, and whether the employee is Faculty or Staff.


Passwords must be changed at first login and expire every 90 days.


3.2.     New Employees

Network and email accounts cannot be created until HR has all the necessary paperwork for the new employee and has completed the data entry for that person. At this time, most paperwork is not completed until the new employee has attended orientation.


3.3.     Adjunct Faculty Accounts

Accounts requested for Adjunct Faculty are valid for one term. Requests for new accounts for Adjunct Faculty must use the Request to Add form. Current Adjunct Faculty accounts can be renewed each semester using the Adjunct Renewal form. Adjunct accounts not renewed will be disabled one month after the start of the next semester. A list of the adjunct accounts to be disabled will be sent to the deans and their representatives. If the adjunct account is not renewed by the same semester of the next year, the account will be deleted. Any changes to the Adjunct Faculty’s employment status (i.e. becomes a Full Time Faculty, Temporary Faculty, or is no longer employed by the college) requires that updated paperwork be completed and emailed to network security


To renew an existing network and email account for Adjunct Faculty, complete the Adjunct Renewal spreadsheet and email it as an attachment to network security. Do not include new Adjunct Faculty members or Adjunct Faculty who have not taught for more than one year on this renewal list – you will need to complete a new form for those employees. Only if the Adjunct Faculty member is either a staff or Faculty member in addition to being an Adjunct Faculty member, put a Y in the Current Staff member row, otherwise leave it blank. To expedite the renewal process, do not send the same renewal more than one time.


3.4.     Temporary Employees

If an employee is hired on a temporary basis, the end date must be included on the request form. At the end of that day, the employee will no longer have access to the network or email. A new form must be completed if the contract is extended, if they leave prior to the end of the contract, or they become a permanent employee.


3.5.     Student Assistants/ Work Study Students

If a student assistant or work study student needs a network account to access a HCC computer, a Request to Add form must be completed and emailed to network security. When a student is no longer employed by HCC, a form must be completed by the supervisor or designee and emailed to network security.


3.6.    Contract Employees

In order to create an account for contract employee, additional paperwork must be submitted to Network Security. Third Party Contractors must have a HCC employee sponsoring their network account request. This provides an internal Point of Contact (POC) for OIT when resolving issues with these types of accounts. To establish an account for Contractors, the following Third Party Access forms must be requested from Network Security.

Acceptable Use Policy

Extranet Connectivity Request

FERPA Disclosure

Third Party Access Agreement

Third Party Access Policy


3.7.    Changing Location, Job, etc.

If an employee is changing positions within the College, a change form must be completed by the new supervisor or designee and emailed to Network Security.


3.8.    Name Changes

Before you can request a name change for network/email, HR must complete the paperwork and have the new data entered into Datatel. Once the changes have been made, the user should complete the Request Form as an Account Modification and email it to Network Security.


3.9.    Termination/Resignation/Retirement

In order to make sure only authorized employees access the network, a form must be completed by the supervisor or designee and emailed to Network Security when employee resigns or is terminated.


3.10.Access to Datatel (Colleague) and COLD

The Request to Add form may be used to request access to Datatel (Colleague) and to COLD. The form can be emailed to multiple recipients. The Datatel system agents must approve access to Datatel. They will then forward the request to the appropriate person. Requests for access to COLD should be emailed to Datatel Security.



4.1.     Any member of staff or student found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.







Initial policy draft.



Ratification as Official

Gorham, Stephen