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1.       PURPOSE

The purpose of this procedure is to define the process that protects Hillsborough Community College’s computing facilities from access by unauthorized personnel. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) expects all staff members to be cognizant of the financial investment that the College has made in computing equipment and facilities. OIT considers the entire facility to be a controlled access environment. All staff must respect and practice issues relating to Physical Security. Afterhours access secured areas is specifically intended to be limited and monitored.


2.       POLICY

All OIT staff has electronic access / key access to allow them to enter those areas where they have a legitimate business need, including Open Office and Administration Areas. Select employees, based on business need; also have access to the OIT Operations Center (Datacenter). OIT personnel needing access privileges will need to request access from the Director of Networking and Telecommunications.


Primarily, the Operations staff and Network Support staff have a legitimate need for access to the Datacenter. Most other business can be accomplished without physical entry into the room. Server room access is granted to only key individuals and management. Facilities are not to be left unstaffed.


During normal work hours, all other employees and visitors wishing to enter the Datacenter must be singing to the visitors’ log. The appropriate OIT staff will be notified of their arrival and will accompany them for the duration of their visit in the Datacenter.


During non-work hours, access is restricted to authorized OIT staff and service personnel. Any authorized College employee must schedule their access to the Datacenter 7 Days in advance and will require approval from the Director and Networking and Telecommunications.


OIT Operations Staff are to ensure that the facility is secure at all times. This includes ensuring that doors and offices are properly closed.


Upon separation from the College, individuals with access to the datacenter will have their electronic access revoked and documented. If the individual possess physical keys to areas of OIT, those items will be collected by OIT and documented.







Initial policy draft.

McCray, Adrian


Policy becomes official

Gorham, Stephen