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Technology Steering Committee

tech steering

This website is designed to provide information about the Technology Steering Committee; its role and responsibilities within the framework of the HCC Information Technology operations. The Technology Steering Committee provides planning, oversight and input to the OIT leadership. The membership is composed of three representatives from each College location: one staff member, one faculty member and one administrator (for DAO there are two administrators and one staff member).

Technology Steering Committee Mission

The mission of the Technology Steering Committee is to develop and monitor the College-wide Technology Plan and provide input concerning those tasks IT needs to improve, modify or reprioritize. This committee meets twice per semester, at the beginning of the term to determine what is needed during the term and later in the term to review progress, successes, and new issues that have arisen during the term.

Committee Meeting Schedules, Minutes & Policies

Technology Steering Meeting Dates 2007 – 2008
Technology Steering Committee minutes
Policies and Procedures

Technology Steering Committee

This group is composed of members representing the administration, the faculty and the staff from each campus. In addition the System Agents, Director of Academic Computing and members of the OIT staff serve in an ex officio role to the committee.

Meetings are held on a regular basis and bring issues from all College locations to the Steering Committee to be addressed by OIT, and if needed, included in the College’s Technology Plan.