Scroll down to see the specific rules for each event. 

Beachball Volleyball
Bocce Ball
Ping Pong
Problem Solving Event
Water Balloon Toss
Wii Dance Party

This is a FUN and FRIENDLY tournament and good sportsmanship is required at ALL TIMES. The referee’s decision is FINAL

Scoring Breakdown               
a) Participation in event = 2 pts per event               
b) 1st place in event = 10 pts per event               
c) 2nd place in event = 7 pts per event               
d) 3rd place in event  = 5 pts per event
If you have less than the required team members needed for an event, team members can go twice (if cleared with referee)

Basketball Shootout - 3 players per team

- Bracket style tournament
- Each game will consist of three rounds in which one member of each team competes against each other
- Each round will last 1:00 minute
- If the resulting totals are a tie, there will be a one ball shoot off. One player, in the same order that was shot in the rounds before, from each team will shoot. If one player makes and the other misses, the game is over and the one that made the basket wins. If both make it, then play rotates to the next player until a winner is declared.
- After all three rounds are completed, the team with the highest total from all three rounds advances
- A playoff between the third and fourth place teams will determine third place.

Beach Volleyball – 2 players per team (2 officials)
 - First to three points wins
 - Maximum three touches per side
 - No spiking
 - No diving
 - Third / Fourth playoff will determine third place

Bocce Ball - 2 players per team

- Bracket style tournament
- One player will toss out the jack (little ball). Then players from each team will take alternate tosses to get their ball closest to the jack. Only the team that has its ball closest to the jack can score. The scoring team will receive one point for each ball that is closer to the jack than the closest ball of the other team. If opposing balls are not significantly closer, than there are no points awarded for that round.
- There will be four rounds. Players from opposing teams will alternate tossing the jack to start the round until everyone player has had a chance to toss out the jack.
- The team with the most points after four rounds advances to the next round. If there is a tie, one player from each team will throw a ball. The team with the closest ball is the winner.
- A playoff between the third and fourth place teams will determine third place.

Corn Hole – 2 players per team (2 officials)
 - Bracket style tournament
 - One representative from each team stands on either end
 - Four rounds will be played (2 each way)
 - Each player throws four beanbags per turn, alternating with the opponent (one bag, one bag, etc.)
 - If bag goes through the hole, that is 2 points
 - If bag is stopped on the board (not touching ground at all), that is 1 point
 - If no bags are on the board or through the hole, that is 0 points              
 - **It is allowed for players to knock off opponents’ beanbags with one’s own thrown bag
 - Winner has the most points at end of the four rounds
 - Championship game winner to be decided by the first team to reach 21 points at the end of a round
 - If tied at end of any game, there is a one bag "throw-off"

Croquet - 2 players per team (2 officials)
 - Players from each team must navigate through a croquet course in as little time as possible
 - The ball must be hit with the mallet (no hard, full swings please) and pass through the wickets in the order given and in the direction given in order for play to count
 - The best time out of the two team members will count towards the final placement.
 - Teams with the fastest 3 times will be given first, second and third place

Jenga – 1 player per team (2 officials)
- Bracket style tournament
 - Following basic Jenga rules
- Turns are limited to 30 seconds
 - If a piece is not selected and moved before the 30 second turn is over, player loses the round and is eliminated.
 - Once a block is touched, it becomes the block that a player must attempt to remove
 -  Players cannot pull a piece from the top three rows of the tower
 - First player to cause the tower to fall loses
 - Winner advances in contest
Ping Pong – 1 player per team (1 official)
 - Bracket style tournament
 - Games are played to 7 points (must win by 2)
 - All basic ping pong rules apply
 - *Playoff between third and fourth teams will determine 3rd place

Problem Solving 
Information will be given out the day of the event.

Water Balloon Toss – 2 players per team (2 officials)
 - Two players per team
 - Toss balloon back and forth when called upon
 - Move further and further apart with each successful toss and catch
 - If balloon breaks, team is out                                                                                                                                                     
 - Places determined by when balloon breaks. (Winner is the team that still has a balloon intact when all others are broken

Wii Dance Party – 4 players per team (1 official)
- Teams of 4 will be allowed one practice round to learn the basics of the game and to learn the equipment
 - The game will track the overall score for the team of 4
Highest point total among all teams will determine first, second and third place