Ybor City Campus News
Class Forms to Create “Big Art”
The Adamo Drive Mural Project will create a giant mural depicting the culture, heritage, and vitality of Ybor City and Tampa. Design and production began this week. This public-private effort between Hillborourgh Community College Ybor Campus, local businesses, and the City of Tampa, in the planning stage for the last 2 years, is now reality.

A team of 14 HCC student artists led by artist and adjunct instructor Michael Parker, will master techniques for transferring a small scale design into a huge mural that will ultimately cover a city-block-long side of an industrial building. In addition to the students, community members are invited to join FREE workshops in painting and drawing and contribute their efforts to the final image. The class will meet weekly at the HCC campus and at the work site on Adamo Drive until completion of the mural sometime in June. The first workshop open to the community will be held on February 18th at 1pm. The location is Hillsborough Community College Ybor Campus, Visual Arts Building rm. 221. The workshop will focus on collaborative painting.

Once the mechanics are mastered, students and community members will begin the design process. The ultimate goal is to create a compelling image that represents the unique qualities of the community of Ybor City. Michael is passionate about working with communities: “I believe that the process of creating public art should be accessible to everyone. This particular neighborhood is extremely enthusiastic about life here and this kind of energy in a community opens the door for great cultural leaps and experiences. We need people that are passionate about living in Ybor City to join us in creating an image that that will represent our place and identity.”

Design brainstorming will take place through a series of community workshops. Ideas will come from those who live in the community or are closely associated with the people, events, and images that tell the Ybor City and Tampa story. These workshops are open to the public. Anyone wanting to participate in either design or production workshops should contact Michael Parker at 813-846-2000 or email him at ybormuralproject@gmail.com.

“This mural will improve the looks of an industrial area on Ybor’s southern border, illustrate the rich culture and heritage of our city, and serve as an invitation for all of us to contribute to the renaissance of our National Historic Landmark District” said Dave Scott, Chairman of the community task force behind the effort. “2012 is the year to rediscover Ybor for more than it’s bar scene.” For more information on this and Michael Parker’s other projects see www.yborartproject.com.

Article Written By: Michael Parker.