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Brandon Academic Success Center: Committed to Student Success!
Ixa-Blanco Maldonado tutors a small group of students for Bilingual Services.
The Academic Success Center at the Brandon Campus has been having a wonderful and productive spring term! Each of our areas is busy, busy, busy helping students reach their full potential in a variety of subjects. In the past year alone, we’ve had over 40,000 visits!

Have you visited the ASC before? If not, we’d like you to know that we have four locations on the Brandon Campus, each equipped with supplemental leaders ready to help HCC students in a variety of subjects. We offer group academic support, workshops, and more! All of our areas are completely free for student use. If you’re a Prep Reading student, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with our Prep Reading lab, located in BTEC 206. Our Math Lab, located in BLRC 200, is the perfect place for math students at any level to study and learn. If you’re a science or accounting student, you’ll definitely want to check out Other Subject Areas, located in BACA 208.

BACA 207 is where you’ll find our Writing Center, for college level writing, the Prep Writing lab, and the Spanish tutors. We’re also delighted to announce that as of spring 2012, Bilingual Services has been reestablished at our center, now located in BACA 207. So, if you’re a bilingual, foreign, or generation 1.5 student or you’re a faculty member with these students in your classes, the Bilingual Services staff is here to serve you!

If you are a new or returning student for the spring term, please feel free to stop by or visit our website: Academic Success Center. If you are a faculty member and you think your students might benefit from our services, please encourage them to stop by or visit our website. We’re very excited for the remainder of the spring term, and we look forward to helping more and more students!

Our phone numbers:
Writing, Prep Writing, and Bilingual Services: 253-7934 or 259-6598
Reading: 253-7967
Math: 253-7839
Other Subjects: 253-7824

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Article Written By: Brandon Campus Staff