Dale Mabry Campus News
Dale Mabry Campus Unites Efforts for Internal Campaign
The college-wide 2012 HCC Foundation annual fund drive began in early February and will continue through the end of March. The Foundation’s goal for Dale Mabry campus for 2012 is $12,000, and the long-range, three-year goal is to add $2.5 million to the permanent endowment fund. Campus support of the Foundation is vital to the success of the greater campaign because outside funders look to the percentage of support from faculty, administration, and staff to determine our commitment to our institution. Therefore, the Dale Mabry Campus Foundation Liaison Committee has an internal stretch goal of 100% participation in the 2012 campaign.

A contribution of any amount will help reach our campus goals. Contributions to the Foundation can be restricted to the Foundation’s General Scholarship Fund for scholarships for HCC students. Or they may go to the Carolyn and Robert Price/Dale Mabry Book Fund which provides financial assistance to Dale Mabry students for the purchase of textbooks (within some specific guidelines that the Book Fund committee has established). Contributions can be paid or pledged, and the Foundation accepts payroll deductions. Finally, all contributions are tax-deductible as a contribution to a charitable organization.

Fundraising brochures were placed in campus mailboxes, and a copy was mailed to home addresses. Faculty and staff will also hear from the Liaison Committee which includes John Bacheller, Chris Bell, Michelle Carlino, Sandy Coleman, Ed Coursey, Todd Joseph, Gabriela Quevedo, and Cameron Spears.

Please consider your contribution to the HCC Scholarship Fund or to the Carolyn and Robert Price/Dale Mabry Book Fund for 2012 and help our campus reach its goal of 100% participation. Contributions or pledges will be accepted throughout the year.

Article Written By: Ed Coursey.