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HCC Employees Keeping Dreams Alive
Thank you to HCC employees who gave to the Dreamkeepers Endowed Scholarship Fund. Because of your efforts we were able to earn $16,000 which was eligible for a four-to-one match and increased the endowment to nearly $170,000. Nearly 50 HCC students received over $9,000 in emergency relief to remain in school and finish their semester. Over 75% of the students who received a Dreamkeepers award completed their classes and returned and registered the following semester.

This year we have the challenge to raise $20,000 for the Dreamkeepers Endowment, receive a one-to-one match from Scholarship America and help many more HCC students in the future.

The HCC Foundation is extremely grateful for every employee who makes a gift to the Internal Campaign and is asking you to consider making a gift to an established endowed scholarship such as Dreamkeepers. Together we can help students achieve their dreams and academic goals. For more information on how to make a gift to the HCC Internal Campaign, please contact the HCC Foundation at 813.253.7114 or or visit

Article Written By: GWSC Staff.