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Honors Institute Teaching in Honors Workshop and Feral Cats Workshop
Each year, the Honors Institute hosts a Teaching in Honors Workshop when an expert in the field of honors education is brought to the college. This year's workshops were conducted by Dr. Joan Digby. The morning session was for professors who are currently teaching in honors and the afternoon session was for professors who are interested, or think that they may be, in teaching in honors. This year, Dr. Joan Digby from Long Island University in New York conducted the workshops.

Dr. Digby received her doctorate in eighteenth century British literature from New York University. Throughout her almost three decades in honors, Joan has been active in the National Collegiate Honors Council, the only national organization for colleges and universities with honors programs and colleges. She was elected president of the organization and chaired the annual conference in 1999. Our own Honors Director, Dr. Lydia Lyons, was also elected to the NCHC leadership positions and chaired the annual conference in 2008. Dr. Digby has refereed the Forum for Honors and the Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council. She researched and edited four editions of the Peterson’s Guide to Honors Programs & Colleges (1997, 1999, 2002, 2005). In addition, she has published numerous other books, essays, articles, and poems.

A woman of many passions, Dr. Digby is also an avid animal lover, particularly cats and camels. On her home campus at Long Island University, she helps run a trap, neuter, and release program for the dozens of feral cats that live on her university campus. Therefore, she volunteered to conduct a workshop for interested honors students. Her presentation detailed how to start a trap, neuter, and release program, the impact that the program would have, and different issues often encountered when working with feral cats. Dr. Digby is an excellent example of scholarship and activism.

Article Written By: GWSC Staff.