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Brandon Campus Dedicates First Legacy Project

The HCC Brandon Campus dedicated the first of the College’s Legacy Projects on March 5, 2012. Soon after assuming his role as HCC President, Dr. Ken Atwater asked the Student Government Associations (SGA) on each of the College’s five campuses to consider creating legacy projects that reflect their campuses’ unique qualities. The Brandon Campus was the first to complete a Legacy Project, creating a large, outdoor sculpture that stands as a centerpiece for the campus.

Brandon Campus President Dr. Carlos Soto asked Student Activity Advisor Earl Paul and SGA President Ryan Brown to co-chair a Legacy Project committee to gather input for the project from the campus community. After exchanging ideas and welcoming guidance from a variety of faculty, staff and students, the Legacy Project committee moved forward with the project’s creation.

Brandon Professor James Wysong was the mastermind behind the chosen concept for the Legacy Project. His design features a large, sculpture piece crafted from heavy aluminum, modeled after a DNA helix, and centered in the main walkway. This centerpiece of the project is also a working sundial. To add to the aesthetics, a light has been placed in the sculpture base which will shoot a beam of light into an orange glass piece situated at the top of the sculpture and project into the night sky.

Plant City sculptor Robert Woods, who specializes in large outdoor sculpture pieces, made his imprint upon the project, helping Professor Wysong's vision become a reality. Woods designed six tables with hand-painted tops portraying the phases of the moon. Each table was placed beneath the "flying squirrel" designs along the brick pavers. With the guidance and implementation of Manhattan Construction and the Genesis Group's engineering, construction began in October 2011 and ended in February 2012. Brandon Campus offers thanks to all who participated in this Legacy project, including the past two years of SGA students. The project will certainly benefit HCC students, faculty, and staff for many years to come.

Article written by: Brandon Campus Staff