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Dale Mabry Campus Beautification Continues to Grow
Campus Beautification Participants
Beautifying the Dale Mabry Campus has been an on-going project since the 2003 year. And through its mission, which embraces building a beautiful physical surrounding and environmentally sound campus, the all-volunteer effort meets many times per term to improve and beautify the campus grounds. The event can trace its roots back to storm water education and continues today with the support of Tampa Bay Beautification and the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, under the direction of Dean Elizabeth Johnson.

On Saturday mornings you might find upwards of 100 students with rakes, shovels, clippers, and trash-bags ready to pitch-in and help. These students, along with many HCC faculty and staff, are involved in campus-wide cleanup and beautification initiatives in conjunction with Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful.

The DMC Beautification Committee held two Saturday service learning/community service events on September 15 and October 20, 2012. The Events take place twice a semester and draws large crowds to perform community service. Armed with gloves, debris bags, pruning clippers, sun-screen, and bug spray, small groups are sent out to specific areas of the campus to pick up litter, which often takes an hour or two. Following trash pickup groups are reassigned for the beautification period of the day. This process begins with trimming, clearing away debris, planting, and finishes up with watering.

Keeping HCC’s largest campus looking nice involves cooperation, support, and donations from many sources here in Tampa Bay. Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful has donated sunscreen and first aid, SGA has donated water and snacks, and Tampa Bay Beautification Program has donated gardening gloves and trash bags. It is not always glamorous picking up cigarette butts or cleaning the storm-water ditches, but for the participants of the Campus Beautification event, the end result is a great looking campus that we can all be proud of.

The faculty, staff, students and community members are motivated to maintain a health and beautiful campus and community environment. All interested persons are invited to participate and become part of this great initiative. For more information and upcoming event dates, visit http://www.hccfl.edu/dm/beautification.aspx

Students pull weeds in the garden beds at HCC Dale Mabry

Nursing Professor Mary Viszt and students pose for a photo after a morning pulling weeds in the gardens.

Article Written By: Jennifer Bess, Sue Stanczyk, and Elizabeth R. Johnson