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Fantasy of the Mind – Art and Food Exhibit
On the evening of Thursday, September 20th, the Dale Mabry Campus Gourmet Dining room lights were lowered and the doors were opened to invite in patrons of fine art and dining. The dining room hosted the art of Frank Bolock and presented delectable fare for a “Fantasy of the Mind” art and dining exhibit.

The artist, Mr. Bolock, is an accomplished acrylic and watercolor artist and the pieces displayed in the Gourmet Room on September 20th represent places and pieces of fantasy. The evening was also highlighted by gourmet hors d’oeuvres and beverages crafted and presented by the faculty, staff and students of our hospitality department students. The dining room delicacies included Bacon pieces drizzled with chocolate and raspberry sauce, Panini Plantains married with Nutella spread, Caprese Salad on Skewers, and Spanakopita squares.

The Fantasy of the Mind art exhibit will remain on display in the Dale Mabry Campus Gourmet Room (DHUM 118) for the entire Fall semester. Please drop by to view these wonderful pieces of art and consider dining at the Gourmet Room: http://www.hccfl.edu/dm/associate-in-science/the-gourmet-room.aspx

Article Written By:
Elizabeth R. Johnson,MS
Dean, Associate in Science Degree Programs
Dale Mabry Campus