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April is National Counseling Awareness Month
Often times I am asked by faculty and staff, what is it you do at the HCC Counseling Center? This is a great question because it’s important that everyone on campus be aware of the resources that are available. Not only is the Counseling Center a support service to students, but to faculty as well. As “gatekeepers”, faculty will at times encounter a student who may be experiencing difficulties either academically, personally or both.

Faculty should never hesitate to refer a student who they believe could benefit by talking with someone from our office. The Counseling Center offers free confidential services to help students overcome problems, past and present and gain self-understanding and direction. These services include individual counseling, consultations, and referral.

Change, stress and self-development are all a part of college life and HCC students have concerns with a wide variety of life situations. HCC Counselors are available to assist student by providing the tools they need to overcome doubt and deal with stress. Counseling is completely confidential and voluntary, and students can select the counselor of their choice.

Services provided by the Counseling Faculty include:
• Career and Educational Counseling: To assist in exploring possible vocational direction and learning about student’s place in the workforce.
• Personal-Social Counseling: To help examine concerns which interfere with personal development and growth.
• Referral: To provide resource information and referral to outside agencies for ongoing assistance with emotional and mental health concerns.
• Crisis Counseling.

Counseling helps by:
• Helping students understand themselves, their abilities and potential.
• Helping students through changing circumstances and transition from one stage of life to the other.
• Helping students grow in the midst of personal crisis or despite a lack of resources.
• Helping students set goals, overcome barriers, access resources and plan fulfilling, productive lives.

The HCC Counseling Center is committed to help all students on their journey to reach their goals and aspirations. We work together with students to help them make sound and positive decisions about their lives and address concerns and challenges to prevent crisis. For more information, please contact the Counseling Center at 813-253-7299.

Article written by: Frank Kozlowski, M.A. Counseling Faculty