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Faculty Spotlight: Travis Meek to present at the NISOD Conference
CITT Faculty Instructional Designer and Dale Mabry Professor Travis Meek will be presenting at the National Institute of Staff and Organizational (NISOD) conference this May. Below Travis shares what inspires him to teach at HCC:

In school stories of faraway places and of the heroes of old enthralled me, and I was fascinated by artists who spun the tales in image; a pictorial history of human achievement (and folly). Farm life in a rural Missouri village would hardly serve to give me adventures of those places. Unable to join the military due to a disability; lost and aimless with no plan B I drifted for years in the factories until a relative suggested community college as something to try. I was bored to tears and going broke then I took my first Humanities class. Reawakened to the joy of learning about the humanistic traditions only this time woven together; a complete tapestry of human culture. People get to tell these stories for a living? I was hooked; A.A., honors list, Dean’s list, cum laude B.A. double major (Humanities and Philosophy), and finally, seven short years later, an M.A. in Humanities; concentrations in Classical Civilizations and Art History. What inspires me to teach is the same thing that inspires me to learn; the possibility of changing a life by opening a world of stories to a mind hungry to receive them. These stories reveal the dreams and actions of those that came before; events which mirror our time and help us navigate our own lives.

I tell these stories and want to give my students an experience of them. Through technology my students have taken a three-dimensional tour of the Sistine Chapel, and ‘walked’ the streets of ancient Rome. I recently studied the Etruscans aboard through an NEH grant which prompted me to work with CITT and the Honors Institute to give students a hands-on experience of these stories. Last semester we recreated a Renaissance printing press and will now experiment with Etruscan metalworking. As I consider new stories to share with my students three just might intersect; go back to university for an M.F.A.; earn a Ph.D. in Classical Studies; or a possible Fulbright.

I share this with my students; the future lays untold and we weave it with our own wills, the help of others, and the Fates; the greatest of storytellers.

Article written by: Dana Livesay