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Women's mentoring network launched at HCC Dale Mabry
The desire to inspire, motivate and influence young women is at the heart of launch of a new initiative coordinated by the Dale Mabry Business Leadership Club. The Women's Mentoring Network (WMN) is an extension of the mission of the Business Leadership Club, with a very specific target: Young women looking to excel beyond their education.

The idea was fueled by two faculty advisors, Beth Kerly and Linda Tarrago, after discussing with student leaders and female students who were looking for opportunities to learn and grow professionally while still in school. The WMN began after receiving a grant through Enactus from the Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Partnership. Walmart is recognized by Enactus teams and the general public as an advocate and resource on women’s economic empowerment issues while building awareness of Walmart’s passion on this topic.

The first meeting for WMN took place on March 1, 2013, with a networking breakfast with professional women from the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce Women of Influence Committee. The event was a great success. Students came dressed in their professional best. They admitted that networking is not as easy as it may seem--that there is a lot to conquer to break into professional success.

The WMN targets female students ages 18 to 35 who desire personal and professional guidance for their academic and career goals. Faculty advisors Kerly and Tarrago want to help promising young women to achieve their dreams and aspirations. They see the WMN as a natural extension of the goals of the Business Leadership Club and a way to invest in the future of professional women in Tampa Bay.

Motivation is high. The WMN has sparked interest in professionalism, mentoring, networking, and above all, learning how to showcase the best version of yourself at all times. One of the books that will be discussed is, “Who Says it's a Man's World, the Girls' Guide to Corporate Domination,” by Emily Bennington. This is a featured resource from the American Management Association.

An upcoming event features the opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the area's most influential women at the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Women of Influence Luncheon on April 10th.

The Women's Mentoring Network meets monthly to discuss topics on Business Communication, Career Planning, Networking, and Family/Work Balance.

For more information, contact faculty advisors below or visit: http://www.hccfl.edu/dm/clubs--organizations/womens-mentoring-network.aspx

Beth Kerly, Business Professor | mkerly@hccfl.edu | 253-7216

Linda Tarrago, Accounting Professor | ltarrago@hccfl.edu | 253-7497

Article written by: Marquela E. Zepeda