Dale Mabry Campus News
Middle School Students Experience a Hands-on Introduction to Health Sciences: Medics in Training
On May 1, 2012, Students from the Medical Skills high school credit class at Sgt. Smith Middle school visited the Dale Mabry Campus Health Sciences labs to experience a hands-on approach in learning more about the field. Students and HCC faculty shared one-on-one demonstrations with respiratory equipment, teaching mannequins that simulated real-life vitals, and real time question and answer time with experienced faculty working in the community.

Twenty future HCC students were chosen from a group of 52. They were honored to be chosen, and it was evident through the thoughtful questions they asked and their interest in connecting technology in the health field to the human connection in patient care. They arrived on campus wearing blue scrubs and “Medics in Training” t-shirts, ready to participate, engage in learning and experience the life of a college student preparing to work in the health professions.

Article written by: Dale Mabry Staff