Dale Mabry Campus News
Return of Safe Spring Break
Sunny Florida, with its ample beaches and gorgeous weather is the main location for thousands of spring breakers each year. Late teens and early twenty- somethings come from all over the world to partake in fun, sun and surf. When planning this annual event most young people don’t consider any negative situations that may occur. Every year in Florida there are reports of injuries and even death while college students are living it up on spring break. Here at HCC we want all of our students enjoy their time off and return from Spring Break with minimum, if any, adverse effects. This year during mid-March, the Safe Spring Break event coincided with SGA’s Spring Fling at the Dale Mabry campus. This event targeted topics such as safe sex, drinking and drugs, and how to have harmless fun during spring break. Throughout the event there were games, prizes and education about the most prominent aspects of having a safe Spring Break.

The event was supported by Metro Wellness and Community Centers who provided free condoms as well as educating students on the correct way to use a condom and provided information for various other resources that the center offers. Moffit Cancer Center gave donations to promote awareness of skin cancer and offer free chapstick and sunscreen products. DACO passed out “Watch your BAC” bracelets and cards that help students calculate their blood-alcohol concentration. There was an obstacle course that students could go through while wearing beer goggles to imitate their motor skills and vision while intoxicated. Participating students, staff, faculty members and members of the community were proud to have been part of the Safe Spring Break event since educational programs like these help people enjoy healthier lives. We hope that you will consider joining us next year.

Article written by: Ebony Wilson and Jennifer Bess