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Innovative Solutions from CITT: Faculty Technology and Teaching Specialist
The fall 2012 semester ushered in a new position at CITT. Through the work of Dr. Celeste Fenton, and with the approval of Dr. Atwater, this new position is envisioned to be a bridge between faculty and CITT. Designed as a one academic year term, the Faculty Technology and Teaching Specialist works with the CITT team to learn the technologies CITT team members use to assist faculty every day, provides faculty prospective on CITT initiatives, assists colleagues to develop technology-based instructional tools, and develops projects of personal/professional interest that correlate with the CITT vision. In the inaugural year of this new position, Travis Meek, Humanities Instructor at Dale Mabry, was selected to participate. Travis has outlined three major projects to work on this year. They include developing strategies for using the iPad as the only instructional tool a faculty member needs to bring to class, looking at current best practices to reduce opportunistic cheating in the online environment, and pursuing technologies that can create an ADA compliant online course. An especially exciting aspect of Travis’ work will focus on his directing a documentary about Etruscan metalworking techniques (the culmination of an NEH project he was awarded over the summer). Any faculty member who would like to discuss available tools to enhance teaching and learning in class or online should contact Mr. Meek by phone or email. It should also be noted that faculty who are interested in working with the CITT team will have the opportunity to submit their letter of interest for the position in the 2013/14 academic year. Keep your eyes open for the announcement of the position’s second year in the spring 2013 semester.

Humanities Instructor Travis Meek selected as a Participant in the
2012 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute

Travis Meek, Humanities Instructor at the Dale Mabry Campus, was selected to participate in a National Endowment for the Humanities summer institute in the summer of 2012. The institute, The Legacy of Ancient Italy: the Etruscan and Early Roman City, which was sponsored by the Community College Humanities Association, was a three-week study of the Etruscan civilization in general with special emphasis on Etruscan urbanization and its impact on Rome. This experience has inspired Mr. Meek, who is also an amateur blacksmith, to create a documentary on aspects of Etruscan metalworking techniques. The project is currently being developed with the help of CITT, the Honors Institute, and the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association.

CITT Staff Celeste Fenton and Brenda Watkins Break Record for
McGraw-Hill and ECampus News Webinar Registrations

1001 was the record-breaking number of registrations for the webinar A Virtual Backpack for Online Learning, co-sponsored by McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions and ECampus News on October 2, 2012. The webinar, designed and facilitated by Brenda and Celeste, focused on practical strategies to improve student motivation and engagement in distance learning courses.

National Webinar on Teaching With Multimedia Sponsored by McGraw-Hill and ECampus News to be Facilitated by CITT Staff Celeste Fenton and Brenda Watkins on November 2, 2012
McGraw-Hill and ECampus News are sponsoring a webinar that promises a wealth of information about how to utilize budget-friendly multimedia technology for teaching and assessment of learning. More information about the webinar can be accessed at www.eschoolnews.com/2012/09/20/harnessing-the-power-of-multimedia-for-more-effective-teaching.

Article written by: GWSC Campus Staff