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New Professional Award
On October 17, 2012, Angela Carlson, Project Manager of HCC’s Center for International Education, was awarded The New Professional Award by Region VII of NAFSA: Association of International Educators. Angela became an international educator three years ago by making a successful transition from a 12-year career in the private sector. Since joining HCC, she has leveraged her project and relationship management experience in the corporate world to create a learning environment that prepares students for an increasingly interconnected and changing world.

Drawing on her experience in graduate school as an exchange student in Illinois (from her native Germany), Angela responded to the HCC Project Manager job posting with a cover letter and resume that reflected the critical thinking skills, work ethic, and professionalism required to launch a new initiative within a large, complex community college. As an integral part of a small team with a big mandate, Angela has provided the leadership and delivered the results that HCC needed.

In June 2009, HCC invested in a strategic plan developed by Michael Brennan, Director of International Education, to grow and diversify our international student population. Angela Carlson has helped guide the building of a retention and support infrastructure for international (F-1 visa) students. Her ability to work with people across all levels and organizational boundaries proved critical, for example, when moving admissions and support functions from five different campuses into the Center for International Education (CIE) at the Dale Mabry Campus.

Angela contributes significantly to HCC’s strategic, cost-effective student recruitment. Her marketing and communications skills, for example, give our collective efforts a brand – the Center for International Education. She created and continues to maintain the CIE website and social media presence, and she produces hard copy and electronic brochures translated into multiple languages for the purpose of informing prospective students (and their parents). Angela supervises international student admissions. Moreover, she serves as the point of contact for overseas recruitment representatives.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators is the world's largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education and exchange. NAFSA's 10,000 members are located at more than 3,500 institutions worldwide, in over 150 countries. NAFSA's membership in the United States is organized into 11 geographic regions, which provide the all-important grassroots strength of the association.

NAFSA Region VII covers seven states in the Southeastern U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In 1989, Region VII established The New Professional Award to recognize an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to international education through his or her enthusiasm, potential for leadership, and actual accomplishments in his or her institution. The individual may have no more than five years experience in the field of international education.

Article written by: GWSC Campus Staff