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Retraining does work
Kathleen Van Eepoel, RN, after 27 years of absence from the hospital, decided to dust off her stethoscope and refresh her skills and enrolled in the ICCE Nurse Refresher course. Her deep satisfaction in her previous nursing experience kindled her desire to reenter the healthcare field. Just a few months after finishing the ICCE Nurse Refresher course, Ms. Van Eepoel was offered (and accepted) a position at a local hospital.

She attributes her ability to obtain employment directly to the ICCE Nurse Refresher Course and, specifically, adjunct instructor Hank Geiter. “His immense knowledge base, as well as his ability to use analogies that make that knowledge come to life, is an asset HCC should highly value.” Currently, Van Eepoel is studying and preparing to take the ICCE IV Therapy certification and contributes her interactions with the Allied Health Department of the HCC Continuing Education Division as yielding the result of her personal, very positive employment outcome.

The participants in the Nurse Refresher course receive an extensive review course designed for nurses who are reentering the work place or transitioning back into the clinical setting. It is presented as a combination of webinars, lectures, hands-on interactive labs, and clinical rotation. For more information on healthcare continuing education training offered through ICCE that can lead to employment and/or promotion in the field, please check our website, Tampatraining.com, or call our Allied Health Coordinator, Belinthia Berry, 813.259.6513.

Article written by: GWSC Campus Staff