District Campus News
The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars
Patrick Brathwaite (Spoto High School), Emily Duran (Spoto High School), Analise Griffith (Steinbrenner High School), Tony Lee (Gaither High School), Sasha Sierra (East Bay High School), and James Streeter (Hillsborough High School) were selected from the Honors Institute Committee to represent HCC as The Washington Center interns at the Republican National Convention. They were chosen based on submitted essays, the topic of which was a response to an excerpt from de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America (1835; 1840). Professors Bobbie Harris and Susan Hoerbelt designed the selection process and the study schedule for the students and will be working with the students through the Republican Convention.

In preparation for their internships, the students will participate in a series of seminars, some of which require outside reading. The first two sessions examine the history of democracy: first, its early roots in western civilization; second, the evolution of the democracy in the United States. There will also be seminars on the mechanics of our current democratic process, campaign ethics, and the role of the media and political rhetoric in politics. Students are to be guests at a meeting of the Hillsborough County Commission, which will be followed by a presentation from County Commissioner Ken Hagen.

Experts representing various perspectives will be meeting with the students and professors throughout the summer: former HCC Chairman of the Board of Trustees Tom Huggins, County Commission Ken Hagen, Valencia State College professor Dr. Mark Logas, attorney Bryan Hoerbelt, HCC Dr. Ginger Clark, Professor Steve Johns, and Ms. Sally Everett. The experts are all committed to providing the HCC interns with the finest preparation for their upcoming convention experience.

Article written by: Dr. Susan Hoerbelt