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A career with a meaningful purpose…and an attractive paycheck!

In partnership with WorkNet Pinellas, Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance, Habitat for Humanity, and the Tampa Housing Authority, ICCE has officially begun offering a course in Weatherization and Energy Analyst. The course is designed to help put Florida in the forefront of the construction industry by training participants in the diagnostic aspects of energy efficiency and health and safety as they apply to retrofitting existing buildings and the designing of new structures, whether commercial or residential. In today's environmentally conscience culture, architects, builders, municipalities, and occupants alike need to be aware of where the risks of their current and future buildings exist and how to address them. The end result are buildings that are less costly to maintain, healthier to occupy, safer for both occupants and building alike, and in many cases significantly reduce utility costs.

Successful participants learn how to:
• Analyze energy usage and loss.
• Detect harmful gas sources.
• Diagnose moisture and air infiltration/exfiltration and mold potentials.
• Inspect exterior and interior of structures for health, safety, and energy risks.
• Diagnose mechanical systems for issues.
• Review building design for risks.
• Suggest 'habit adjustments' to occupants to increase quality and efficiency of building.

This course has proven itself in a very short period of time to be a win-win situation for everyone involved, from homeowner to taxpayer to related industries to graduate. HCC has been proud to produce successful students that upon completion of the course can be a large asset to their communities performing a function that is of great service to their neighbor. Whereas "Green" is gradual and global, weatherization is instant and personal!

Our successful students have gone on to...
• Start their own companies working as consultants or inspectors.
• Integrated their new skills set with their existing professions.
• And many others have been hired on with new start-up companies.

For a limited time there is no cost to the trainee to attend this program. Tuition and materials are fully paid for through the U.S. Department of Energy Pinellas Weatherization Training Center Grant for qualified and eligible applicants. Please visit www.TampaTraining.com to learn more and to register for our next orientation.

Article written by: GWSC Staff