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SouthShore SGA hosts successful poetry contest
Students at the HCC SouthShore Campus submitted their poems and essays for consideration for an SGA Poetry Contest in February.

After reviewing the student submissions, the judges awarded a second place award to Simbryt Sylvester for her essay, “How Are Your SouthShore Friends Different From Your Friends Elsewhere?” Following is an excerpt:

“Life is full of uncertainties. The steady affection of a friend is a great support in one’s life …. Friends should stand by each other through thick and thin. A true friend is the extension of one’s own self. I believe that I have found true friends at this campus, and I can honestly say that the friends I have made will forever be my best friends.”

RJ Martin was awarded first place for his poem entitled “Coexistence,” printed below.

Coexistence by RJ Martin

With each breath taken, a new life has just begun,
just as stars begin to shine as bright as our nearest sun.
With every beat of the heart that keeps us all alive,
two people fall in love, to be together all their lives.
This world is yours and this world is mine,
separate perspectives but both are intertwined.
We coincide here on earth, but it truly has more meaning,
though different we may be, we are each a human being.
Diverse in who we are, but we each can make our mark,
as we begin to journey through the life we all embark.
Two leaves of a different color, but falling from the same tree,
falling to the same ground below, but falling so differently.
While we lay among the leaves, our colors may convene,
as we are all united though distinct we each may be.
We all coexist in this dream we call our life,
because as long as we’re together, we will always shine so bright.

Article written by: SouthShore Campus Staff