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SouthShore Earth Science Students Explore NASA Moon Rocks
SouthShore Campus Science Professor James MacNeil recently added moon rock discs encased in lucite, from NASA's last Apollo mission, to the curriculum for his earth science class.

"For our students, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said MacNeil, a NASA-certified instructor and educational consultant. "In order to get these moon rocks into a classroom, a teacher must be certified by NASA to borrow them for a two-week period."

MacNeil's students included the moon rocks in labs and observed them, along with soil and meteorite slices from around the world. He believes these HCC students benefited from the opportunity to observe, discuss, and theorize about this period of exploration in our nation's history.

"I try to get them to think as scientists, to question, to be truly observant," MacNeil said. "We are training them for 21st century earth science careers, where critical thinking is of utmost importance."

This fantastic opportunity allowed HCC students to have hands-on science and a part of space exploration into their learning experiences.

Article written by: SouthShore Staff