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SGA Students Go to Washington
Many representatives from HCC’s Student Government Associations (SGAs) traveled to Washington, D.C. in March for the experience of a lifetime. The students and faculty in attendance were able to cover significant ground in less than one week, including a conference, meetings with legislators, and tours of the White House and other sites.

Here are a few of the SouthShore Campus SGA members’ impressions of the trip:

“The trip to Washington, D.C. was unforgettable …. My highlight was being able to talk to Kathy Castor and give her my personal experiences with college life.”
-Vanessa Vergara

“One of my proudest moments from this adventure was the wonderful collaboration between the SouthShore SGA and Dale Mabry SGA. We worked together to meet with our Congressmen and talk about our student issues such as Student Loans and Pell Grants.”
-Sarah Linder

“I valued our time spent at Arlington National Cemetery. Seeing thousands of uniform headstones from deceased service members and their families was powerful and moving.”
-Amber Byers

“I really learned a lot, but most of all I learned how to speak in front of people with a positive attitude.”
-Aleysha Harris

“I realized that the voice of college students has power. It was remarkable to see the passion and knowledge that some students displayed as they presented their opinions in the focus groups.”
-Marisol Aarons

“The museums and monuments were wonderful …. It was so amazing how big the Lincoln monument was, but what really took my breath away was the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.”
-Sherlie Raymond

Article written by: SouthShore Staff