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Great HCC Criminal Justice Teach-In 2013
On February 20 and 21, the Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies program proudly hosted its third annual “Great HCC Criminal Justice Teach-In” at the Ybor City Campus YPST Building. This annual, two day event is patterned after the national Great American Teach-In and features leaders of local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies. The Great HCC Criminal Justice Teach-In provides a unique opportunity for our students to learn, first hand, about the operation of various criminal justice agencies and entities which represent law enforcement, corrections, probation, prosecution, criminal defense, and the court system. In addition to the day-to-day operational aspects of the agencies, our guest speakers also shared with our students their own career journeys, contemporary issues facing criminal justice agencies, and importantly, demonstrated to our students how their education at HCC may potentially lead to specific careers within these agencies. Each speaker allowed time for students to ask questions about the agencies and upcoming recruiting events.

Some of our guest speakers included: Jane Castor, Chief of Police, Tampa Police Department; Robert O’Neill, United States Attorney, Middle District of Florida; Steven E. Ibison, Special Agent in Charge, Tampa Office, FBI; Shelly Tomlison, Deputy Circuit Administrator, Community Corrections, FDOC; Kevin Richardson, Special Agent, Public Information Officer, ATF. The 2013 Great HCC Criminal Justice Teach-In was a tremendously successful event and an excellent opportunity to expose HCC students to local, state, and federal agencies. The faculty of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies program will continue to offer students this opportunity to connect with criminal justice agencies and intersect educational goals with specific career objectives and invite the larger HCC community to continue to share in this exciting annual event.

Article written by: Ybor City Campus Staff