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Dance! At HCC Ybor
Claire Porter
Hillsborough Community College’s dance program and the School of Visual and Performing Arts presented Claire Porter/PORTABLES on February 1st and 2nd at 7:30 p.m. in the Mainstage Theatre at the Ybor City Campus. Claire Porter performed PORTABLES a series of solo comedic movement monologues performed individually and in concert. In addition to the performances, Porter taught several choreography workshops to HCC dance students. These workshops culminated into movement that dancers performed onstage during her performances. Having the opportunity to work with Claire Porter, inspired students to use movement and text in their own work.

Brian Brooks
Hillsborough Community College’s dance program and the Visual and Performing Arts presented the Brian Brooks Moving Company on February 15th and 16that 7:30 p.m. in the Mainstage Theatre at the Ybor City Campus. The Brian Brooks Moving Company performed their newest dance, BIG CITY which celebrates the human effort inherent in the process of rebuilding. BIG CITY boasts a large-scale, kinetic sculpture constructed with hundreds of aluminum columns, showcasing Brooks’s affinity for architectural design. This dynamic floor-to-ceiling installation is raised in real time before the audience’s eyes, memorializing the inevitable reconstruction that follows loss. Performed by the company’s seven dancers, Brooks’ choreography hovers between balance and imbalance, testing limits of physical and emotional endurance. BIG CITY features an original score by composer Jonathan Pratt, costumes by long-time collaborator Roxana Ramseur, lighting by Philip Treviño and set by Brooks and Treviño. Students had the opportunity to work with Brian during his workshops. The dancers enjoyed learning Brian’s athletic movement and were challenged to dance at a fast pace freely.

HCC Dance Club will be representing HCC at the American College Dance Festival Association in March. Colleges from around the country attend the festivals each year. This year’s festival is being hosted locally at University of South Florida on March 12 – 16th. The conference will be an exciting celebration of dance in higher education with a wide variety of master classes, scholarly research presentations, and opportunities for student and faculty exchanges in and out of the studio, adjudication and informal concerts, feedback sessions and a Gala Concert. This year’s conference will also feature independent feedback sessions for the Informal Concerts, a Choreographing the Camera Festival, as well as Professional Development sessions. Fifteen HCC students will be attending the conference , as well as performing three pieces at both formal and informal adjudications.

HCC Dance Club members went to see the David Parsons Dance Company at the Palladium on March 19th at 7:30 pm. David Parsons gave a post show talk back and met our students in the audience for a photo. Earlier on the same day, the Dance Program hosted a workshop with Dusan Tynek of the Dusan Tynek Dance Company in New York City. Dancers took time at the end of class to pose with Dusan.

Article written by: Ybor City Campus Staff