Student Ambassador Program

Hillsborough Community College Plant City Student Ambassador Program is the result of HCC’s efforts to utilize the best voice of the campus, our students, to assist the college in its recruitment and retention efforts.

Student Ambassadors are role models and a vital part of HCC. The Ambassadors are sensitive to the needs of other students, can share their experiences with prospective students and can offer a bird’s eye view of what student life is like at HCC.

Student Ambassadors - School Requirements
•Must have completed at least one semester at HCC.
•Must currently be attending HCC.
•Must have and maintain a  2.75 Grade Point Average (GPA) or higher.
•Must be currently taking or have completed ENC 1101 or SPC 1608

Student Ambassador Events Include:
•Campus Tours
•New Student Orientation
•Plant City Campus Recruitment and Retention Events
•Special College-Wide Events – such as All College Day, Student Excellence Awards, Presidential Showcase, etc

If you are interested in having the Ambassadors assist with your Plant City Campus event, please contact Sharlotte Henderson at