Traffic and parking regulations apply to all motorized vehicles and are vigorously enforced 24 hours a day.  All members of the College community and guests operating vehicles on an HCC campus or property must comply with lawful orders and directions given by HCC Public Safety Officers and HCC employees authorized to direct, control or regulate traffic.

Parking Decals  
Cars parked in lots designated for faculty/staff must properly display the proper decal which is provided by the Public Safety Office.    Visitors and students* do not need a decal and may park in any lot not reserved for staff.

*Ybor City Campus students, visitors, staff, faculty, and students from other HCC campuses, must properly display an HCC decal while parked in the Ybor City Campus parking garage and parking lots.

Apply for a Parking Decal

Posted Speed Limit
Unless otherwise posted, the campus speed limit is 15 mph.

Prohibited Operations
Drivers of vehicles observed performing the following, but not limited to, prohibited operations will be referred to the Dean of Student Services, appropriate administrator or their vehicle may be removed at the owner’s expense:
• U-turns
• Pulling through or backing into a space
• Parking a vehicle on campus overnight (authorized vehicles only – all others contact the Public Safety Office)
• Driving on sidewalks (only motorized and non-motorized vehicles used by the disabled are permitted on campus sidewalks)

Parking Violations
Vehicles found in violation of the following, but not limited to, regulations may be removed at the owner’s expense:
• Parking in restricted areas such as those reserved for faculty and staff
• Parking in a disabled parking space without a valid Florida Permit/License plate (this may also result in a fine of approximately $250.00.)
• Obstructing vehicular or pedestrian traffic
• Receiving more than one HCC Parking Violation within one year
• Motorcycles, bicycles and scooters not in the designated areas or special racks
• Prohibited Parking -  Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
• Loading zone
• Driveway in a designated tow-away zone
• On a sidewalk
• On the grass
• Out of a marked parking space
• Obstructing a legally parked vehicle
• Overnight parking without Public Safety authorization

HCC reserves the right to issue a parking violation to improperly parked vehicles.  More than one parking violation may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.  For more information on traffic and parking rules and regulations, contact the Public Safety Office or the Campus President’s Office.

Vehicle Accidents on Campus
Drivers of vehicles involved in accidents resulting in injury, death, or damage to the property of others must immediately stop, notify the appropriate law enforcement agency, report the accident and any injuries to the Public Safety Office, and remain with the vehicle until an officer or designee arrives.