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Quality Enhancement Plan


Quality Enhancement Plan

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What is the Quality Enhancement Plan?

A topic that everyone in the college should be hearing about over the next few months is the Quality Enhancement Plan, better known as the QEP. Now a major factor in SACS reaffirmation of accreditation, the QEP according to SACS is "to lead to a course of action for institutional improvement by addressing a question or questions that contribute to institutional quality with special attention to student learning" (Principles of Accreditation, 2001).

HCC’s QEP steering committee includes Linda Prescott, Jeremy Bullian, Val Mohanakumar, Tina Fujita, Cynthia Hewett, Greg Miller, Barry Silber, and Craig Johnson as faculty representatives; Earl Paul as a representative for student services staff; Barbara Goldstein and Mary Bendickson as representative academic deans; Felix Haynes as a cabinet representative; and Paul Nagy as an ex officio member representing the SACS Accreditation Leadership Team, as well as cabinet.

For any questions, comments, or suggestions, please click on the link below

QEP Steering Committee


Contact: Craig Johnson or Jeremy Bullian