Hillsborough Community College is an accredited member of the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS), Commission on Colleges, as recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE).  Accreditation requires “reaffirmation” every ten years.  HCC was last reaffirmed in 2007 as being in compliance with the Principles of Accreditation.

Now we embark on preparations for our next reaffirmation slated for 2017.  The decennial reaffirmation of college accreditation is a momentous event in the life of our college and a tremendous opportunity for institutional improvement.  Reaffirmation is both a process and a series of products.  It relies on integrity, thoughtful and principled judgment, rigorous application of requirements, and a context of trust. At the heart of the Commission’s philosophy of accreditation, the concept of quality enhancement presumes every member institution is engaged in ongoing improvement and is able to demonstrate how well it fulfills its stated mission.

A chief component of our reaffirmation is a demonstration of compliance with core requirements, comprehensive standards, and federal requirements within the Principles of Accreditation as documented in a Compliance Certificate. Another chief component is development of a five-year Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) leading to demonstrable improvements in student learning outcomes. Reporting to the Commission on Colleges will occur throughout the calendar year of 2016 including Off- and On-site SACS Committee visits. A decision of reaffirmation is to be rendered in June 2017.

The purposes of this web site are threefold.  First it serves as a general information resource for all college employees, students, and the public concerning the reaffirmation HCC’s accreditation.  Second, it provides many organizational and support tools that will guide our institutional efforts and evaluations through reaffirmation.  Third, as the evaluations evolve it will host the final reports required for submission to the Commission on Colleges. 

For more information on reaffirmation of accreditation you are encouraged to peruse this website.  For information about the SACS review at HCC contact Dr. Paul Nagy or Alisa Zujovic.